Monday, 17 October 2011

Two-tier side table

One day I made a quick stop at a thirft store.
Becuase I don't drive ( I'm taking driving lessons at the moment.),
I ALWAYS need  my husband to drive me to...well, anywhere.
He said " OK, you've got 10 minutes to shop." oh my sweet hubby, lol
So I ran to the store and spotted this sad but lovely side table....
See the top is was completely off.

When you see something that is meant to be yours, you know it right away, right?
So I just grabbed it, lifted it up and marched to the cashier,not minding people looking at me like " Why doesn't she ask any help to carry that table???"
Well, I was just so happy to getting it I seriouly didn't mind it at all.

I didn't take pictures but first, I glued the top together, took it all apart, cleaned it, stripped the old brown paint, sanded, then put back together....phew!
Then comes the primer. I use CIL Natural Living.
It's Low VOC and has not much smell, my kinda primer!

From not so nice thrift store floor to sun-bathing outside...I think she's happy!

I painted it yellow and distressed a little.
But it didn't look like nicely aged....
It just looked injured with lots of scrapes....ouch.
Oh the art of distressing.
So I repainted some parts and.....

Minimal distressing, I think it's better this way :)

I think she's happy holding books and stuff, instead of collecting dust,don't you think??


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