Sunday, 25 March 2012

Antique Side Table

When I saw this side table, I fell in love right away.
Pie-shell top, curvy legs, I just love everything about it.
It looks like it's an antique dates back in 1938, more about it later.

First glance, it looked pretty but up close, she showed her age...

I stripped the top finish with Furniture Stripper and sanded the rest.

At the beginning I really wanted not to paint it, because I liked the wood looking for this piece.
But the top edge was missing and after much thinking, I decided to paint it.
Also I filled the missing top edge.
One day, a friend of mine who also love to work on old furniture came over.
I showed him this table and he told me,

"You know, when you use orbit sander and you end up with all the dust in the bag?
You can mix the dust with a little bit of white school glue and fill it with that, then it'd look like natural wood and you don't need to paint everything just because you used  wood filler."

If I knew it before I filled the top, I'd have definitely tried that method!!
Anyway, it was too late for this one so I started to prime it.
But one day, I'll try that. It's good to know!

OK, about this piece being an antique, I found some writings under the top.

It looks like this side table was a wedding gift!
From Jaeger C. to J-D Cantwell, November 19, 1938.
That means, if the married couple had a baby in 1939,
the baby is 73 years old right now :D

I usually work in the shed, but this time, I decided to do this on the top floor of our house.

It's a games room and it's huge and have a wonderful view.
It was a beautiful day and while I worked there, it was so quiet.
All alone and painting quietly ( sometime I listen to rock though) is
one of my favourite time:D

Beautiful North Shore mountain view. 

At this point, I craved Lemon Meringue Pie!

Then I stencilled pretty patterns on top and distressed it.
2 coats of Wipe-On Poly and waxed, then it's done!

I'm so happy the way it turned out.
She's so pretty again.

Now I really want to eat some lemon meringue pie......

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  1. Hi Sayuri... The table is gorgeous... I love the work you do and I can tell you love it too... Toni

    1. Thank you Toni!
      Yes I love to work on old furniture and I bet you do too!


  2. お~~(驚) 結局こうなったんやな?
    ええやん! ええ感じやん~(^^)

    1. ともちゃん、ありがとー!!