Sunday, 4 March 2012

Little Girl's Union Jack Table & Chair

I bought this table at a thrift store.

It was overall in a good shape, except one of the feet was partly broken.
See the bottom of the right leg?
I forgot to take a picture but I glued a piece of wood cut into a shape so that it'll fit in there, then I put wood filler around and over it to make the same shape as the rest of the feet.
Now I can't tell which one was broken ;)

I see a lot of people do Union Jack redo on the internet and they do a fantastic job, but I never thought of trying it myself.
But this table had a nice cross pattern on top and I thought it'd be such a waste if I just plainly painted over it.
So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create my own Union Jack.

 I took it all apart and sanded, then put  primer on.

Using Frog Tape and painted the pattern.
Also, a good sized chair was given to me by a friend so I refinished the chair in the same color & pattern as well.
This pink colour is something I mixed myself because I didn't have the exact colour I wanted.
I aimed for "strawberry cream" colour.
It is Crimson Red from Premiere(Canadian Tire) and primer(white) from CIL, Natural Living mixed together.
I know, I know, I have to be careful with the floor, but I often get carried away and just go right ahead.
I was very careful and no paint spots on the floor...of course I wouldn't do this if kids were around, I have to set a "good example", you know ;)

I waxed the entire pieces, now they are oh so smooth.
I love the contrast of pink and white color, it's very girly :)

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  1. How sweet. Some little girl is gonna feel really special. You did a great job.

    Im your newest follower, so please come visit me and maybe follow back.

  2. Okay, before I leave.......gotta ask. What's a Union Jack??

  3. Hi Candy, thank you for your comments!
    Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom.
    I've seen so many people do Union Jack redo on dressers, tables and so on.

    Also thank you so much for followinge me, I'll go visit your blog too :) Love the name, Pickin and paintin, that's exactly what I do too!