Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My furniture will be a movie star?

I've just sold my Union Jack themed table and a chair, along with 2 nightstands today off of Craig's List.

Someone sent me an email yesterday saying
"I'd love to pick up your room set tomorrow"
Hmmmmm? Pick up?
Not "come see it if I like it?" I thought.
The name in the email was not really a familliar one for me, but I assumed it was a lady.

Then, this morning someone called me about it.
But that was a man and he said
"I'll come pick them up on her behalf"
Then I go "Hmmmmm???" Again.
If she wants the set, doesn't she want to see it for herself???
Anyway, I'll ask him when he comes, I thought.

He was supposed to be here by 12:30, but didn't show up even it past 1 o'clock.
So I called him. He said "I'm running late, I had to pick up some stuff in Port Moody (about 40 minutes from where I live) I'll be there in an hour to pick up your furniture."
So I waited and hour has passed.
Hmmmmmm. I go again.
What is going on???
Also why do they use the words " pick up" instead of "come see (the furniture)"???
If you're interested in something, don't you want to see it first, then decide if you're going to buy it??

Then this time, he called.
"I'm really running late today, is that OK one hour from now?"
I didn't have any plan to go out today,so I said "No problem, no need to rush"
Then finally he showed up with a rental truck!
Then I go " What's going on??" ...Again.

When he came in, I asked him
"So, is this for her little daughter?"
( at this point , I was very curious!)
He says,
"No, it's for a movie set."
Movie set????
He says
 "Yeah, she goes on Craig's list and checks some furniture
that we can use in movies"
He handed me a paper to write my name and address and
what kind of furniture is that , how much is that and so on
 ( to keep a track for them).
On top of the paper,it said "Taken back"
 So I asked him
 " Taken back? Is this the name of the movie?"
He says "Yes"
My furniture will be a movie star!? ( maybe not )
It looks like it's a made for TV movie but still!!

After he left, I said to my husband
" I should've asked him to put my name for the credit in the movie!!"
And we laughed and laughed and laughed.
Well, this was my very first furniture sale ever and it turned out pretty interesting.
I feel a bit sad though that they didn't go to a little girl's room...
But they will go to a....MOVIE SET!! lol
I hope I can see  these furniture on TV someday!

Life is sometimes full of surprises, God we gotta love it :D


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  1. your furniture will be famous!! it is so pretty it is noticeable!
    I am your newest follows..pls follow back if you can

    1. Hi momto8, thank you for your comment!

      I'm hoping one day I can see my furniture on TV, but the guy told me after the movie,they'll sell the furniture for less...
      I hope they'll eventually go to a little girl who will love and use them!
      Also thank you for following me, of course I'll follow you too :D

  2. I can see why they like your furniture. Its adorable. So much time and thought. Very creative. I too am new to this blog world. I love to paint furniture and sew. I will certainty follow you as I love your creativity.

    1. Hi Anne, thank you for your comment!

      Me too! I love to paint and sew....not so good but I want to be good at it since I'm planning to make a slip cover to my rocking chair with a drop cloth.
      Also thank you for following me, I'm certainly going to follow you too!!

  3. Hi Sayuri...
    Anne sent me your way to see the table & chair you painted... It is awesome!!! Very Creative!!! Enjoy your time blogging, I do... Toni ( for Lil' Shoppe of Treasures

    1. Hi Toni,

      Thank you for your comment!
      Receiving such nice comment is so encouraging:D
      I'm starting to enjoy blogging so please come back again!
      I'm going over to your blog too!


  4. Sooo cool!! Please let me know when you figure out in which TV program your lovely furniture would appear!

    1. Hi Yoko-san,

      Thank you so much!!!
      The only thing I know is that it's a movie made for TV, he told me which channel it's going to be aired, but....I don't remember which one! lol
      So please watch for the movie named " Taken back" unless they change the name, we should be able to find it :D


  5. That is awesome! And no wonder, super cute furniture!

    1. Thank you so much Sharon for featuring these on your link party!
      I didn't expcet it and was so happy to see them there.
      You've made my day :D

  6. You are soooooo adorable, I can't stand it! LOVE your style...AND here's the very exciting info about your 'movie star' furniture. Your hard work paid's a movie starring Amanda below...


    1. Hi Margaret,

      Thank you so much for your comment!
      Oh my goodness, how did you get the info???
      I emailed the lady who decided to buy them and asked her about the movie, but I didn't hear from her.
      So it's wonderful to know the details, thank you, thank you!!
      I guess these set will be used for her abducted little girl's room?
      I hope they will really use them!

    2. You're welcome!
      Oh, mad "Google" skills...hehe.
      The movie sounds sad, but apparently the set will shine in the girl's room.
      Stay tuned, as they say, right?

    3. Ohhhhh,Google!!
      Why didn't I think that???
      I was like " Oh well, if I see the title"Taken back" in the TV listing someday, then I'll check it out."
      Thank you again Margaret for searching it, cuz I'll never think that! hahaha
      Yep, I'll stay tuned :D

  7. I love this furniture. Congratulations. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog at

    1. Happy New Year Geri!
      Thank you for stopping by & following me:)
      I hope you'll have a wonderful, healthy, creative 2013!!