Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Small 4 drawer chest

A friend of mine found this drawer chest tossed on the curb at his apartment building.
He took a picture of it, sent it to me and brought to his apartment so that I can transform it later.
I'm so thankful that I have a friend like him.

Nothing was broken,and I love the French Provencal handles, but it was ....um...yucky.....

This is the top.

Peeling veneer at the bottom, beaten up top, dirty interior.....
Worse the shape, more excited I am to work on  it :)

First off, I had to get rid of this gunky black paint.
I used furniture stripper.
Beneath the black paint, I found green, white and grey paints, oh the history of this dresser!

It took me good 3 hours to strip it.
Then I moved on to the drawers, it was lots of work....
But I love doing it anyway:)

To my surprise, handles had yellow paint as well!
I wanted to take them off the drawers but they were stuck so I tried to strip them both at the same time.

At this point, I said to myself " Hey, this is cute as is. Soooo shabby chic!"
but the moment I thought that, my kids came in and said
"uuurrrgghhh,what is that, mom? It's so ugly!"
So I decided to keep working on.
It's helpful sometimes to have such a candid comment from honest little people:)

I fixed the top with wood filler and sanded and repeated the process a few times until it's nice and smooth.

Primed and painted grey, then glazed.
But it didn't look like the way I envisioned it.
It just looked old and DIRTY! Oh No!!! So I repainted it yellow.

By the time I was painting the body, furniture stripper worked magic and all the handles came off. Phew.
It'd have been so difficult to paint the handles nicely had they not come off.
I spray painted them white.
The holes for the handles were in bad shape and many of them were too big I had to refill and rebuild new holes.
Also I distressed the entire piece with 120-grit sand paper then  poly coated and waxed to finish.

I think it looks better than before?

Here is the top.

                                                       And the side.

It's snowing here in Surrey, keep warm everyone:D


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  1. furniture stripper を使うと ペンキが解けるの??
    How does it work? 教えてぇ~  これは塗料を取り除くときにだけ使うの?

    1. ともちゃん、そうなんすよ。


  2. So cute! The yellow is so bright, happy, and springy looking, Sayuri! Great job!

    xoxo laurie

    1. Hi Laurie ( what a pretty name!),
      Thank you for your comment.It turned out happy looking compared to the beginning, dont' you think?
      It's bedtime for me so I'll visit your blog tomorrow!