Thursday, 19 April 2012

Curvy Blue Dresser

The moment I saw this 6 drawer dresser at a store, I knew it'd be mine.
I just loved the curved front.
But she showed she'd been through a rough time...

First thing I did was...of course, sanding :)

Now,I'm looking this picture and I feel the wood pattern on the front is so nice.
But I wanted her to be pretty blue piece so that's what I did....

At least I decided to sand and stain the top :)
Usually I use an orbit sander but it leaves  small marks on wood,
making it NOT suitable when you want to stain something.
So I hand-sanded the entire top, boy it was a lot of work!

Then a beautiful surface started to show, I was so happy!

Isnt' this top gorgeous?  I was so proud of myself :) 

                                    I painted (it was more like dry-brushed) her blue and
waxed with clear and dark wax.
Now she's super smooth.

She looks better than before, won't you agree??

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Another Chalk Paint Project ~End Table~

Hi everyone!
Here's another chalk paint project I did.
When you don't need to sand a piece, you kind of can't stop

I love the shape...

I used the same homemade chalk paint when I did this servers buffet and glaze.
I was so into painting I forgot to take any "during" pictures.

I think the shape of this front and the handles just go so perfect together :)

Je viens de paris
( I come from Paris)

But I'm dreaming about Provence at the moment,because I'm reading this.

"A year in Provence" by Peter Mayle.
The sun, great food, wine, market, interesting Provancal people and French Provancal furniture must be ...everywhere! lol

One deep drawer.

I'm happy with how this side table has turned out.

Next project will be...

Which colour shoud I go for?

Have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Homemade Chalk Paint ~ Servers Bufftet~

I'd been wanting to try chalk paint for quite a  while..
It's "THE PAINT" in the furniture-redo-blog-world.
Old European cities inspired colours, has the chalky feel (hence the name),
easy to distress, and best of all....

 (((((  No prep work needed!!!  )))))

No sanding, no stripping??? -Yep!
Can I just go right ahead and start painting!?-Yep!!
When I heard that, I seriously wanted to try it.
But the price...didn'
It's much much more expensive than even high-quality latex paint.
I don't mind to pay a little more on quality safe foods like organic veggie and fruit but on paint? And it's not like you just have to pay a little more, it's way way more...
I know one day I'll reach deep in my pocket to buy them because I want to know what is it like but for now, I'll make my own....
Especially after I read this tutorial post at ...pickin and Candy,
I really felt like trying.

It's usually made with either of these 3.

1.Calcium carbonate
2.Plaster of paris  or
3.Unsanded grout...

You mix one of the above with water, add to paint, then mix it really well.
It's that simple!

I realized I already had unsanded grout ( my husband and I built our own house 3 years ago and bought like 4 bags of different colour grout), so this is what I used.
It was unsanded grout with Polymer.
I wasn't sure if it was OK, but if I don't try, I'll never know.

There was a few lumps in the grout so I used the strainer.
I mixed 2tbls of grout with water and strain it again.
Then added to 1 1/2 cup of paint and really really mixed it well.

This is the servers buffet that I was going to try my chalk paint on...
It had a shiny surface which I'd probably had to sand if it weren't for chalk paint.

At first coat, I thought I didn't mix the paint well enough because it looked kind of lumpy...
Then I realized this is the quality of chalk paint.
 Because it looked....chalky :D
It actually looked like chalk and it stuck to buffet so easily.
I absolutely love my chalk paint.
Polymer grout turned out pretty good.
Since I have lots of them, I'll be mixing it into my paint from now.

Gave 2 coats of chalk paint....then..

....Black glaze.
It's simply 1 tbls of black paint mixed with 3tbls water.
It has loooooong manipulation time.
Wipe as you go with a wet rug until you achieve the look you want.

Spray painted the hardwares and...


I am very pleased with my chalk paint.
It's absolutely easy to make and easy to use...
Best of all, it saved me lots of prep work!


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Friday, 6 April 2012

Mirror, mirror.....

*****Would you please do me a favour?*****
I'm not so sure why but this post is getting so much views compare to other postings of mine and I'm getting curious.
Please, please let me know ( leave a comment,won't you?) how did you get here?
Thank you so much! ~May 10, 2012~

When I first saw this mirror at a store,
I liked the design on top right away.
So she came home with me :)

But she looked tired...
She definitely needed a makeover.
Painted grey and black glazed all over,
then dry-brushed sliver.

Doesn't she look much better?

Oh, she's made of plastic, but she doesn't look like plastic at all...

"Mirror, mirror, who's the fairest of them all?"

Mirror answers: " That's...ME!"  lol

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