Monday, 21 May 2012

Blue & White Side Table

I bought this beautiful side table last fall.
I just loved it so it stayed in our entrance, holding a vase with flowers.
( I took this picture the moment I broguht it in the house.)

Luckily, I've been selling my furniture and most of them had found their new homes and also I was running out of stuff that I can paint,
so she became my next project...

This time again, I whipped up my own chalk paint.
I love it so much, its finish is beautiful ( chalky ),
distressing is easy and on top of everything,
it's cheap to make :D (...Huge smile here!!.. )

And she turned out like this....

Stencilling on top.

I love the details.

I gave 2 coats of Poly on the top, then entire piece was waxed.
Waxing is a hard job, don't you think?
I feel my arms are getting muscular...!!

Well I'm off to making dinner.

Have a wonderful week!


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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

French Provencal Side Table ~Homemade Chalk Paint....again~

The other day my husband and I were in the car heading home and I spotted this lovely but tired side table on the curb.
I yelled "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!", the car came to a screeching halt,
and she became mine :)

Nice curves and very feminine, she is my kind of girl.
I love spring's not because I like to clean (believe me)but a lot of people want to get rid of their unwanted stuff and such a pretty piece of furniture ends up on the curb. For a girl like me who is always on the hunt for a nice piece of furniture, it's a very good thing.

This time, I mixed some paints to make my own colour and made that into a chalk paint *again*.
I love homemade chalk paint, it's easy to apply, easy to manipulate and breeze to distress and the finish is just lovely.
Here is my recipe for chalk paint if you are interested.

I gave her a goooood cleaning and fixed some dents, and added the same wall paper I used for this dresser on the top and the front.
For the protection of the top surface, Wipe-On-Poly
was applied and the entire piece was waxed to smooth finish.
Also handles were hand-painted and distressed.

Isn't she pretty again?

Mmmmmm these legs.....

It had chippy surface to begin with and instead of sanding,I decided to leave them as is, because it gives the piece  more character and I definitely love it this way :)

I still have this paint left so I'm off to finish another side table.

Thank you for stopping by!


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Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Thursday, 3 May 2012

French Provencal Dresser

This is my favorite dresser so far along with this yellow dresser.

She looked like this when I found her.

She had good lines but needed to be cleaned,
sanded ( this was bofore my chalk paint buzz),
primed and painted.
So that's what I did.



Painted blue.

Wallpaper was added to the sides.
Also  sliver lines to accentuate her shape.
Crystal knobs were added on top drawer.

Some of my favorite vintage books.

Is it just me who can keep staring and admiring these lines?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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