Thursday, 28 June 2012

Gray, white and silver dresser

This is how I feel often towards my kids & husband but I don't say it aloud.
(It's my daughter's)

Anyway, I found this dresser at a thrift store.
It's not too big, not too small but can hold lots of stuff, a good sized dresser.

I've been in the mood for gray ( and blue) for a while now, especially the combination of *grey+white+metallic silver (for the hardware)*
For me, this combo works just great.
So that's what I did,cleaned up first, sanded lightly where it had uneven surface,
 painted in gray and painted the trims white and distressed a little.

Then I felt it was not quite done yet.
So I added glaze.

Wiped it off....

Do you see the difference?
( ok, the first drawer is not the same as 2nd & 3rd, if you noticed)

The top drawer is not glazed and bottom drawer is glazed.
It gives more character I think.
Then I painted the hardware in metallic silver, I use the spary paint from Rustoleum.
The quality, colour and finish is beautiful and it's my favorite.

Added the sprayed hardwares and...

Ta-da!! :)

What do you think?
I think it turned out pretty, if I'm wrong please look at rule 1. lol

Well I'm off to paint a child's desk.
Have a great weekend everyone :)

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Waterfall Dresser

My sweet hubby got this beautiful Waterfall dresser for me a few weeks ago.

It was old but the curves were just gorgeous,such a well made dresser.
There were no knobs or handles, it looked rather plain.
So I decided to "embellish" a little.

First, I painted her with blue & white.

 I  put wallpapers on the drawers then decided I wanted to line them with some moldings.
I bought a long molding at Home Depot.
Then I needed to cut it but
I didn't have any tools and my husband's tools were all so big and professional kind and was scared to use them.

Then, 2days ago, this sweet man came home with this!!

He said " I saw this at a store and thought it'd be perfect for you."
The amazing thing is that I did NOT tell him anything about me wanting a tool!
We've been married for 16years and after being with someone for so long, we just know each other so well.

So, I used this tool with cutting blade and she turned out like this.

                          I love the curves of Waterfall furniture.....

Since there was no hardware, I wanted a little  3D effect,
so came the molding and the plaque.

I have 3 of these, if I had 4 I'd have put them on all the 4 drawers,
I think it'd be such a statement.
But I didn't so only the top drawer has it :)

I used super strong " Gorilla Glue " because I didn't want them to fall off later on..

If you've never used Gorilla Glue, here's something I have to say about it.

1.It's very strong you do not want it on yourself.
( use gloves or whatever to protect your skin)

2.It expands *hugely* once it dries.
( it dries white)

3.Once it dries, you cannot do anything about it.

4.Therefore, it's very important while it's curing,you check how it's going and   
Otherwise, it'll seep out of anything you are trying to glue and the sight won't be pretty.
But while it's still wet you can manipulate it so make sure to be there or at least check the progress before you leave it to cure.

Now my plaque is stuck to the drawer it can almost be used as a pull,lol
My husband thought it WAS the pull and asked me where were the rest of 3 pulls,hahaha.

With my homemade chalk paint,I can even distress with a wet rug.

Yes, I used the same wall paper I used for French Provencal dresser 

My motto is use whatever I have around but soon I'll change things up a bit and use new coulours and patterns in the next project....

Humble but nice leg :)

It's June but here in Vancouver suburb, it's raining and cold...
I hope it'll get hot soon, I'm anxious for summer.
Take care everyone :)


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