Saturday, 8 September 2012

French Coffee Table

Bonjour tous le monde :)

Today, I'm writing about my coffee table.
It all started like this

I liked the shape but it was a little too "country" for me.

One day, I brought her out on the deck and started stripping the top coat,
thinking I'll stain the top dark walnut colour.

It was not too hot, a good day to work outside.....until.....

I gave a good stripping.....
Then the beautiful grain pattern

So I gave up on my dream of staining and started

It was one of those "Oops" paint from a local home center.
You know sometimes they have mistint or returned paints and
they sell them much cheaper than regular paint?
One day, my husband went there and said to the clark he'd take everything if he can have them at A DOLLAR EACH.
And she said.....OK!! :)
He came home with like 10 cans of paint :)
( but some of them are Venetian Plaster or stone effect ones so I can't really use them)

So I used one of these paint..... it didn't say "mistint"on the can, it said
"MISTAKE" in capital.
I was wondering what does that exactly mean but I used it anyway, yes, I'm very easy-going :)
but as you can see the door, the colour didn't really mixed or something...
I had to put 5 coats to cover the wood.
(Then in my head I went " quality pays!" ....oh well..)

Anyway, I finished painting, applied Polyurethan,then waxed.


I did white line around the top.
I think it's very Frenchy :)
The chicken coop wire is ripped one side, but it's for us to keep in our living room so I'll leave as is until the boys kick their foot into it and completely destroys it or something...then I'll fix it :)

The door slides sideways:)

What do you think?
I'd appreciate it if you can leave me a comment!

Have a great weekend, everybody :)


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  1. Gorgeous! Love it in the black. It looks really classy! I am gearing up to paint my sis-in-law's french provincial desk black, too.

    1. Thank you Cynthia, black paint ( it's more charcoal in person)transformed this from country to French...ahhhh,power of paint!lol
      I'd love to see your sis-in-law's desk too!!

  2. I love it - especially the contrast of the white against the black. It's beautiful... found you on Elizabeth & Co.....

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you for your comment:)
      At first, I painted the curved details in white as well....and it looked...too country!!
      So I changed it to black and it looks much better;)

  3. This turned out beautiful - love black!
    I have a french provincial vanity that I was thinking of doing in black - you just convinced me!

    1. Thanks Susan:)
      Me too, I like black but the problem with black is shows lots of dust so you have to wipe often!
      I'd love to see your vanity as well:)

  4. now it's rockin!

    smiles and hope you'll visit soon.


    1. Thank you Michele,

      Sure I'll visit you:)

  5. It's beautiful! I love those doors - very French!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon!
      Isn't it Frenchy? I love French things!!lol