Friday, 21 September 2012

My Rocking Chair is now really Rockin' :)

My husband bought this rocking chair for me when we were expecting our first baby.........
( and that was 1999 and we ended up having 3 kids)
Now the year is 2012 and our oldest is going to be an official teenager next month...
I reupholstered this chair once but we use it everyday so the seat & arm rest cover got ragged and was very ugly...
We were using the chair without the arm rest covers for a while.

Look at it!  ~~~Horror!!!~~~
The fabric for the back is the one I did, the seat is original....
I was kind of ashamed of myself everytime we had friends over.
( and they know I like to redo stuff!!!)

So finally I decided to do something about it.
First is of course, painting.

I used very light grey and added black glaze.
 Then moved on to do the cover.
( It took me forever to get this sewing stage though..)
Last time I re-covered it, I didn't use sturdy fabric so it didn't last (of course)

I'm sure anyone who likes to paint furniture and decorate
loves miss mustard seed and I am one of them.
I love what she does and I got this idea of using  drop cloths to upholster
 from her website ( which is full of gorgeous inspirations!!)
If you'd like to read her post on drop cloths, please visit here.

Drop cloths are affordable, sturdy and have this canvassy-look, I love it.
First I washed it to get rid of that musty smell and to avoid the later shrinkage.

I didn't use a pattern or anything, just went with the shape of the chair, pinned the fabric directly on the cushions and sewed.
For me, no fuss is VERY important:)

My cat Candy came to help me.....
Um...Candy? I need the arm rest underneath you? Hello? lol

Made the covers and it looked too simple so I made my own stencil.

Using regular acrylic paint in navy blue and


Now I'm not ashamed of myself anymore:)

I'm happy with how my stencil truned out.

Now it's really happily rockin',don't you think??
I hope it'll last for....another 10 years!! lol

Have a wonderful, happy weekend everybody:)

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  1. What a transformation...I love it - you did a beautiful job on it. What kind of paint did you use on the fabric?

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for your comment!

      I used regular acrylic paint, it dries quickly and believe it or not, it's washable, I mean you can wash it but it'll stay on the fabric and not bleed if you wash the fabric gently:)

  2. Never would have thought drop cloths for that style! Love the design you used, it turned out great.

    1. Thanks Cynthia,

      I love drop cloths and I have this old wing back chair...
      I'm thinking to redo it with drop cloths again,wish me luck :)

  3. GREAT job Sayuri!!! It looks fantastic!!!

  4. Fantastic job, Sayuri! The stencil looks AMAZING and really makes the piece. Absolutely, LOVE IT!! :-)

    1. Thank you Sharla for your nice comment:)