Monday, 19 November 2012

Boy's Blue Dresser

My husband is always on the hunt for decent furniture for me to fix up:)
I am too of course, but sometimes I'd go for some really shabby (not in a good way!) piece he'd just say "Don't get it, it'd be too much work!"
(but I get it anyway!)

So when he told me he was getting a dresser for me,
I knew it'd be in decent shape.

...and it was!!
It was an all wood, good sized dresser with some scratches here and there
just needed some TLC.

I painted with my homemade chalk paint,
the blue is *Storm Chaser* from General Paint.

It was a simple dresser, I wanted to add something.
I have  this alphabet stencil from a dollar store (Dollarama),
 so I decided to stencil some words on it.
These days, dollar store has really nice craft supplies and
I'm very happy with this stencil.

Here's the finished product.

What do you think?

The drawers don't look like they are straight in theses pictures
but they are perfectly straight:)

I distressed the dresser a little.

I've got many projects going on right now and
felt like nothing will ever get finished...
but finally this one is done, yay!!

Coming up next is the blue personalized desk...
oh wait I still have to finish the chair to go with it.
So it'll be either the desk or silver vintage dresser
or French cane chair or rocking'll see, lol

Keep warm and stay healthy everyone!!

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  1. Hi Sayuri, boy we both sure love blue! This turn out cute! :)

    1. Hello Anne!!
      Thank you for your comment, yes we LOVE blue, don't we?
      I feel really good when I use blue (especially light blues)and I think I do a better job with blue...the color speaks to me! lol

      Take care Anne,

  2. I really, really like it! It was rather plain but it looks great with the stenciling.

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Thank you so much for your comment,
      Have a great weekend!!

      Hugs, :)

  3. love this and got to check out those Dollar store stencils..I did a dresser I wanted to do more to...and I now have an idea....thanks

    1. Thank you Kathryn,

      Yes, dollar stores have some amazing things ( at a great price of course! lol)these days,
      good luck with your dresser:)