Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Golden Sun & Clouds Round Table

Remember this Vintage Stamps Side Table I did a while ago?

Well he's got a twin sister!!

As her twin brother, she started out like this.

Sometimes I know what to do right away, other times I just go with what inspires me during the project. This time was the latter.
I didn't really have a vision other than I wanted it to be
pale blue and white....

So I started painting using my usual homemade chalk paint.

Then I thought I wanted to have a golden rim:)

I did a dry-brushing with white over the gold but I thought I like more gold
so I repainted gold again.

Then I felt like stenciling.

A small but helpful advice:
* Be sure to tape your stencil down when you do a bigger surface*
Because the stencil won't stay in place and more likely to move if you are not careful enough....

Then it looked so pretty ( or so I felt )
I finished it with polyurethane and wax.
Oh I hand painted the handle white.

And here she is!

To me, it looks like a golden sun with blue sky and floating clouds :)
It's a happy looking table.

Here're the photos of the twins ;) 

I'm happy that these tables are done!
Next project is going to be a square side table.

Take care, everyone:)

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Gray Vintage Dresser

I finally finished this dresser :)

According to the date of *before* pictures,
( I usually take pictures right after I bring them home)
I've had this dresser since November 2011.


It passed the winter in the shed with no heat and because of the moisture,
 drawers were stuck for a while....aaarrrggghhh!!!
So in the spring I decided to bring her inside hoping one day the drawers go back to its former shape and start moving.
A couple of months later, the drawers started to glide.
I gave a goooood waxing on the drawer guides and they started to slide nicely:)

Time to paint!

***towering inferno*** lol
You know when you have 9 drawers to paint, it's a lot.

I painted them in my usual homemade chalk paint.
First drawer in the picture is after it's glazed in darker gray.

Glaze gives a nice character:)

I painted the grooves in white, one by one.
I love to do these tiring little painting.
It never bothers me to do it, I just enjoy it:)

Then I spray-painted the handles and waxed the entire dresser.
Sounds so easy but it involved lots of sanding,wood filling,
 painting,glazing and waxing.
Took me a whole year to finish it......
(.....but it's because I often wander around to do some other

Also the backing had a little tear so my hubby replaced  the whole thing,
now it has a brand new backing:)
 It's in the back so no one will see it...but
Thank you darlin' !!

Anyway, here she is!!

I'm pretty happy how she turned out.


The back of this dresser is my kitchen.
I didn't design the cabinet but I did choose all the materials.
  and I love it:)
Glazed antique looking cabinet doors, crystal knobs....
It feels very special, especially when you have the opprtunity to
get involved in the project.

This is when the cabinets were being installed.

Granite counter tops were installed.
And here it is all finished:)
( corner cabinet glass was missing at that point)

Kitchen is the heart of a house and I'm blessed to have a kitchen that I love!
But now it's all messy from the cooking
 ( believe me, it doesn't look like this sparkling clean right now,lol)
so I'm going to clean it up.

Take care everyone!

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Black & White Coffee Table ( with some sparkle )

Hello, hello, hello.
It's Monday, start of the week!
Hope everyone will have productive 7days:)

I'd like to share my coffee table with you
I finished a couple days ago.

It started out like this.
Pretty shape but it had a bad finishing job and I could see tons of hair from
a brush left on under a thick coat of varnish....

See the hair stuck on the edge?
Actually there were many and I think I removed at least 20!!!
( This is after I did the first coat of paint, it never looks good after one coat..)

Both side of this table has this nice design which I painted white.
A handle was missing from one side so I removed the existing one,
then there was a hole from the handle so I glued a sparkle.

I painted the table black and added a white line on top,
 it makes such a contrast between the colors.

I applied 2 coats of Polyurethane and waxed the eniter table 3 times
....and woke up next morning with muscle

And here she is now:

I think it turned out pretty good:)

No distressing this time.

What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!!

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