Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Golden Sun & Clouds Round Table

Remember this Vintage Stamps Side Table I did a while ago?

Well he's got a twin sister!!

As her twin brother, she started out like this.

Sometimes I know what to do right away, other times I just go with what inspires me during the project. This time was the latter.
I didn't really have a vision other than I wanted it to be
pale blue and white....

So I started painting using my usual homemade chalk paint.

Then I thought I wanted to have a golden rim:)

I did a dry-brushing with white over the gold but I thought I like more gold
so I repainted gold again.

Then I felt like stenciling.

A small but helpful advice:
* Be sure to tape your stencil down when you do a bigger surface*
Because the stencil won't stay in place and more likely to move if you are not careful enough....

Then it looked so pretty ( or so I felt )
I finished it with polyurethane and wax.
Oh I hand painted the handle white.

And here she is!

To me, it looks like a golden sun with blue sky and floating clouds :)
It's a happy looking table.

Here're the photos of the twins ;) 

I'm happy that these tables are done!
Next project is going to be a square side table.

Take care, everyone:)

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  1. She really is pretty. Great job! :) I love those stencils. :)

    1. Thank you Sarah!

      Have a great weekend:)

  2. LOVE your tables! New follow from Happy Birthday!! And thanks again for your sweet post on Choose to be happy:)

    1. Thank you Michele for the BD wish:)

      Your post was really special to me, I think I watched all the Raymond shows:)

  3. Is that stencil a piece of paper? If so, that is so smart!!!

    1. Haha, Susan you got me!! lol

      I like to make a lot of stuff from scratch, so that's what I did:)

  4. Ahhhh...both of these tables are so pretty! Thank you for coming by and sharing them at my party this week.


    1. Thank you Linda fot stopping by:)
      I'm glad you liked my tables!!

  5. Love the stencil on top! I need to get brave and try something like that sometime.

    1. Cynthia, stencils can add lots of charactor to a piece and it's pretty easy to do, you are so good with what you do, I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all doing it!! :)

  6. Sayuri, I love the color you used - so peaceful. I really like the stencil - I am definitely going to have to try one soon.

    1. Thank you Cathy!

      Yes it was very calm looking table.
      The twins already found a new home:)

      I'm looking forward to seeing your stencil project!!