Tuesday, 8 January 2013

One Side Table, Two Looks

Happy Tuesday!!

It's still cold and wet here in Vancouver suburb,
how is everyone doing?

My resolution for 2013 is to post more about what I do on here and try to get involved more in the Blogland :)
.....and also to get organized!...
(this is my every year resolution which I have hard time accomplishing lol)

Anyway, I'd like to share with you my *fun* table today!

Here's the before:

An all wood, lovely side table.
I know, I know, I just could refinish the surface and restian the wood
and I would have a beautiful side table.
But I like to paint.
So I painted.

I thought this year I would put much more effort in my blog
( and I just said that!!)
but then I realized that
I completely forgot to take any * during* pictures....aw...

So I'll go straight to the end result.


I think it's cute....what do you think?
( Notice the Chambord bottle? More about it later)

(The bottom center has a diffrent image)

I thought I'd stop here and finish the project but then I had a wonderful idea.
I thought it'd be fun to flip the table and have a different look!
So that's what I did!!!!

TA-DA!!!!  for the second time :)

I added the music sheet on the other side :)

So when you want to change the look,
all you need to do is flip!
( do not forget to remove anything on it though..lol)

Isn't it neat?
I absolutely love it:)


( the bottom I used my homemade stencil )


It's constructed only with spindles, there are no nails or screws:)

Every parts come off like this.

 I distressed the legs and used a gel stain to make them look aged:)

The painted side is applied with Polyurethan,
Sheet music side is sealed with Mod Podge and
entire table is hand waxed.

Now onto Chambord Liqueur.

I found this beautiful empty bottle at a local thrift store.
Isn't it darlin'?
The moment I saw it, I grabbed it and put it in my cart:)
I'd never heard of Chambord before.
It is made from red and black raspberries,
Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac.
Doesn't it sound wonderful?
I heard that some people drizzle it over ice cream....yum!
I wanted to try it but I couldn't find one comes in this type of bottle,
so I didn't buy it.
I'm not  much of a drinker so...I felt it's just not the same without the cute bottle.....

This is the bottle I saw at a liqour store.

It's not the same.....

Anyway, I hope I'll have an opprtunity one day to taste this sweet liqueur:)

Have a happy week everyone!!

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  1. Oh my, Sayuri, what a wonderful transformation. Love that you get two looks in one. Definitely going to pin this just too cute...

    1. Thank you Cathy & Happy New Year!!!

  2. One table... two looks? Genius!! Love both of them.

    1. Cynthia, yep two looks:)
      Isn't it fun?I thought I was genius too! ...just kiddin' lol

  3. Hi Sayuri...

    Your table is awesome, like all the projects you've done...
    Being an old bartender let me tell you Chambord isn't all that, it's an acquired taste but the bottle is oh so pretty and that one is quite old...

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday...

    Lil' Shoppe

    1. Hi Toni, Happy New Year!!

      Thank you for stopping by & for your comment:)

      It's great to know about Chambord from an actula bartender!
      So it's an acquired taste? From the ingredients, I thought it'd be fruity & sweet....
      But the bottle is so cute, it's on my kitchen island so I just admire it every day :)


  4. Clever Girl! Adore the table.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

    1. Thank you Kristy for stopping by!!:)

  5. Awesome idea with the two looks! I loved the first look already and then the second look was a bonus. Nice job!


    1. Thank you Rachelle!!

      I had fun working on both sides:)

  6. That really did turn out cute ! And what a neat idea to flip it ! You can't go wrong with the music sheets .

    1. Hi Sharon, thank you for stopping by!

      I love sheet music ( I bet everybody dose)and I have a big book of it:)

  7. Ingenious! Both sides are fabulous looking. Never thought of using all sheet music...I like how it turned out! Great job!

    1. Wow, thank you so much!!
      I'm glad I did the extra work so it became more fun:)

  8. Looks great! How wonderful to be able to change things around with a flip!

    1. Thank you Lauren!
      I hope the lady who bought this will enjoy the flip:)