Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tall, Teal and Pretty side table ~First project in 2013~

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season :)
As for me, I had lots of fun with my family and friends.
Before Christmas, I made some ornaments & pinwheels
with a friend to donate for a charity which supports an orphanage in India.

...and for Christmas, I made a very special chair for my husband
who is a die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan.
 I wrapped it in a big table cloth,put a big ribbon on it and placed it beside the tree
and  gave it to him on Christmas morning.
He had absolutely no idea I'd been making this chair for him!!

The night before, I snuck the chair in after he went to bed.
( Did you know the word*snuck* is informal and don't really exist and I'm supposed to say * sneaked* here?)

When he unwrapped the gift,!!!!!
He was so happy!!!!!!!!!!!
(I personalised it by putting his name on the back as well)

This is of course, before ;)
(The other chair was for our son.)

He laughed when he read the sign:


He said to me this chair was the best gift ever!! Yay!!
He also said that I should start taking orders to make 
 personalised sport theme chairs :)
Do you think I should? lol

OK, today I finished my very first project in 2013.
Here's the before picture of the side table.

It was hiding in the corner of a thrift store, almost invisible.
It was wobbly,covered with cobweb, nails were sticking out in many spots
and poor thing was smelly looked (and smelled) very sad.
I could hear the word  " RESCUE!!!!! " ringing so loud in my head
so I took her home :)
I gave it a good cleaning, pulled all the nails out and
took it apart so I could rebuild the table.

I like this eco friendly remover :)
Sometimes it's important to keep a track on which leg goes to which corner,
so that you'll have a perfect match later on.

 I put the table back together, glued it with Gorilla Glue.
Then tied ropes around, stuck a pen or knife between the ropes
and tighten it really good so when the glue dries, it'll be nice and tight.
You see a ball on the shelf?
That's to make sure shelves stay leveled.

I made my usual homemade chalk paint in two colors.
One was a shade of grey ( oops! color from Behr but I love it)
and the other was Teal for Two (Debbie Travis).
I love both colors and I couldn't decide which one to use so...

I used both!
Also I used white to enhance the details:)

 I painted with grey first then teal, distressed it here and there.
On the top shelf, I decided to put a stencil
which I made for my rocking chair while ago.

Making stencils is easy and economical unless
you try to make something intricate.
I simply print out an image I find on the Internet and glue one more paper to it
( to make the papers a little sturdier)
let it completely dry and cut with a sharp cutter.
( I use Cutter Bee)

Waxed all over and here's the finished product:)

I absolutely love the grey showing here and there.
It's not smelly, wobbly or ugly anymore:)

For some reason,I have to love the legs first in order to take on a project...
...and I love these legs for sure!!

I'm finishing up another side table today,
 I'm going to stage it and take some photo
so I can share it with you soon.

Kids are going back to school tomorrow,
I hope all the kids in the world will have fun and safe school year.

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Testing to see if I can make a comment here as I'm told a reader having a problem...hope it works!

  2. I love this table! Your set up to hold it together and level while glueing is genius :-) I'm now following you.


    1. Hi Julie and thank you for following :)

      The ball was right there beside the table when I put the glue and wanted to level, that was good place at a good time!

  3. What a charming little table...would love to have you share it at my party. Love to paint? If so, hop over and enter my Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk paint GIVEAWAY!!


    1. Hi Linda, thank you for stopping by:)
      I'd love to join your party, thanks for the invite!

  4. Love the color & stencil you used for this! The legs are a big factor for me too. I have a similarly styled mini desk that I need to work on.

    1. Hi Beth, thank you for your comment:)
      Good luck with your mini desk project!!

  5. Wow...You made it look easy!!! I pinned it ...not just because it is simply wonderful but I also want to try making a stencil. :)
    Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Hi Denise, thank you for pinning this!
      You are more than welcome! and I hope you'll have fun making stencil:)

  6. What a beautiful table! ( but my heart stopped with those chairs - because I live in Montreal - so that's my team YAY!!!

    1. Thank you Susan!

      My husband's been living in BC for 20 years and his heart still belongs to Montreal Canadiens ( and me! lol)

  7. Hello, would you be willing to share where you found the stencil image? Your table is gorgeous.


  8. Hi Beth,thank you for stopping by!
    I googled " French stencil" then modified the designs the way I like.
    I hope it answers your question:)