Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Paris Chic Side Table

Hello everyone!

Today, I finished this charming side table.
I think it turned out pretty good and am excited to share it with you :)

But before that, I'd just like to say big THANK YOU!!!
to all the people who have bought my furniture.
Especially this year, it seems like my stuff is flying off the shelf
( well, I don't keep them on the shelf though..)
and they are finding a new home quickly, so

OK, today's 2-tier side table started out like this.

I liked the shape and it had a nice wood grain pattern.
But as usual, I wanted to paint.
( Will I ever just sand and stain a piece?)

The surface was pretty rough,
so I sanded it good.
First, I lined the groove on top white.
Then I thought I'd like it grey with black showing through underneath.
But after the first coat of black paint,
it started to look really classy and I liked it, so I kept it black.

I wanted to make it "French", even though it is made in Canada:)

The other day, I found this gorgeous image of Eiffel Tower from 1919 at
( Thank you Pamela!! )

I glued the image on top with Mod Podge,
 I added "Paris" with stencil on the bottom.

I make my own stencil often because it's fast and easy.
It's hard to find the exact image of what I want at the size I want....
It's much faster if you just make them.
If you'd like to see my easy no fuss stencil, please visit
( you'll be surprised how simple it is!)
One note: It's made of paper,so when it gets moist with paint,
it'll get like this on the picture,
just press down with your fingers as you go,
 be ready to get some paint on your fingers:)
After use,lay it flat and let it dry, then place your paper stencil under a heavy book and it'll be nice and flat, ready to be used again:)

I always get so anxious the moment I take off the paper
to reveal the image underneath....
This time, I thought it looked beautiful and I almost got out of breath..really!! lol

It really looks good in person and my husband said that as well,
 when he saw the finished product for the first time.

Then I sealed the Eiffel Tower image with Mod Podge,
waxed the entire table, applied Polyurethane on both shelves,
waxed again.
I spray painted the hardware metallic silver then added a blue sparkle on it with Gorilla Glue.
My daughter suggested it might be better with clear one.
But it's blue for me.
Black, silver, blue... that's me :)

Here is my new ***French Love***

I tried to keep it chic and simple.

The top

The front & bottom

The side

Well, next project is going to be this cute cute cute side table.( the large one )
I found it last Saturday and can't wait to start working on it!!
( Actually I already sanded the top and filled some scratches)
I'll try to make it look like my another favourite style,

Take care everyone:)

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  1. Gorgeous table! I love the image on top! And thanks for the great tip on Free Vintage Stamps!

    1. Thank you Rachelle!!
      Yes, her blog is full of goodies so please make sure to check it out:)

  2. That is so unbelievably gorgeous - what a fantastic job!!!
    I did a deilcraft coffeetable ( ages ago too - they're hard to find )

    1. Thank you Susan!

      Looks like East Coast is having a harsh winter...
      Keep warm & please take a good care of yourself Susan :)

  3. Hi Sayuri, congratulations on your furniture business. You do great work as that is how I found you, impress with your movie set furniture. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Anne!
      It's a very small scale but yes I'm glad they are selling:)

      The movie is called Taken back and it airs on 21st on Movie Central channel here in Canada. ( but I don't have that channel...haha)
      If you have chance, please watch it I saw a trailer on Youtube and it looks like a very good movie :)

  4. Very chic indeed! So glad to hear that sales are going well. Of course that is because you are very talented!

  5. Thank you Sharon!
    This side table is gone as well.
    I hope it'll stay this way :)