Friday, 1 March 2013

Old Paris Frames

Hello to all the DIY loving people,
how are you today???

 I'd like to show you something smaller and different from what I usually do.
Ever since I saw Gesso Magic post at Villabarns by Rosemary,
this'd been on my to do lists for a while :)
What Rosemary does is just amazing, I love her work:)

According to Wiki, there are 3 kinds of gesso.
Traditional, Acrylic and Soy-based.
What I used is Acrylic gesso, probably the most readily available kind.
I'm not going to bore you by pasting detailed info here from Wiki,
 so if you're interested in learning more about gesso,
here is the Wiki contents about it :)

I bought 2 old frames with different flower inserts,
and I got acrylic gesso in white at a local Michael's store.

This is the Acrylic gesso I bought.

First, I painted the frames in grey.
This was regular latex paint from Behr.

I dried it with a hair dryer ( cuz I couldn't wait until it dries
then slathered on some gesso.
Then I wiped off some excess with an old sheet,
added more gesso where I felt needed and kept going like that
until I achieved the look I wanted.

Then I framed them with Old Paris images.
I just love Paris!! (who doesn't?)
So anytime I want some images or words that I'd like to add to my project,
it tends to be Paris or French related.
Oh did I mention my husband is French ( Canadian though!)? lol

Anyway, here are the finished products.

Aren't they lovely?
Those images are sealed with Mod Podge, by the way.

I love the old look gesso can create,
I'm totally smitten with the result:)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. You did a beautiful job, Sayuri. Thanks for the shout out. I love the French touch, of course. BTW, my husband is part French Canadian too.

    1. Oh Rosemary, thank you for stopping by!
      I didn't know your husband is part French Canadian,
      I knew we have something in common, love for French!! lol

  2. I LOVE these! Truly LOVE them! Great concept and great job!


    1. Hi Rachelle!!

      Wow, thank you! I'm so happy that you love them!!
      Thank you!!!

  3. Sayuri,
    Your frames turned out great! I just used, for the first time, Rosemary's technique the other day too. I posted on my blog if you'd like to see. Don't you just love using Gesso? I know that I'll been using it a lot more now that I've tried fun!

    1. Jana,thank you for stopping by!

      I love using gesso and I just found (seriously,like 5minutes ago lol)a small mirror with angel on top,which I completely forgot I had, so it'll be my next project.
      Woooo, I can't wait to see yours:)

  4. Hello Sayuri, I really love what you did with the frames, I too, love all things French. Very pretty.

    1. Thank you Jeannie!!

      I'm so glad you like what I did:)
      You like all the things French too?.....we must've been all French in our past

  5. Great job! Your frames looks so pretty.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

    1. Thank you Mary Alice, I'm happy they turned out nice:)

  6. I haven't tried gesso but your frames are so pretty, I'm heading over to Michael's!

    1. Hi Daena, love your blog name:)
      Once hear it and it'll stick with you!

      When you go to Michael's, please don't forget to bring a 40% off coupon!lol

  7. Very very pretty!!!
    I guess your hubby's from Quebec, right?
    Tell him Suzan dit Salut!!!

    1. Oh...thank you Susan!

      Yes he's from Quebec,he's a blueberry :)
      I told him you said salut!!! and he said salut!!! back to you :)
      I was relieved that he understood my "Susan dit salut"

  8. Very pretty! I love gesso and I first learned about it from Rosemary at Villabarnes too. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!


    1. Deborah, thank you for stopping by!
      Rosemary is like the gesso mentor to everybody :)

      Have a great week!!