Friday, 8 March 2013

Rose de Provence washstand ~ Image Transfer Tutorial~

I found this washstand accidentally while I was out with friends,
when I saw a thrift store which I never knew existed in that area.

" Oh, I didn't know there was a thrift store around here"
I said.

"Wanna go?"
A friend of mine who was driving said :)
Bless her!! lol

" Sure!" I said.
( I'll never say no to a thrift store visit)

So we went in.
In less than a minute, I spotted this washstand.
( Can I call this a washstand? A cabinet?
I'll go with washstand because it sounds cuter !)
I liked it right away and to make things even better,
there was a huge red paper stuck on top stating
"50% OFF"
I was sold :)

Love the shape, love the hardware:)

 I forgot to take a before photo (again..) but
remembered right after I removed the front door (and painted the side)
 so here it is.

*The Before*
Just imagine the door in the lower part:)

Painted with my regular homemade chalk paint.
I first painted it in pale blue,white for trims and then painted grey all over
to give it some dimensions of colours.
Then did blue and white again,showing the grey here and there.

On the front, I wanted to do something different this time.
I've done stencilling many times, I've done decoupages too.
I've done image transfer with a pencil but never with parchment paper.
I looked for some image transfer methods online,
there are so many talented people post their great tutorials,
but I didn't quite find what I was exactly looking for.
What was I looking for?
Printing onto parchment paper ( because that was what I had on hand)
with a Laser Jet printer, not Inkjet.
I saw many tutorials with ink jet printer but mine is laser.
So, I decided to do my own way with my hunch.

First, I cut the parchment paper to the letter size of 8"1/2 x 11".

I wanted to print this image from The Graphics Fairly.
Isn't she great?
There are so many many many beautiful images on her blog,
she's actually a saint!! or a real fairly :)

When you transfer image onto something this way,
please do not forget to
reverse the image!!!

Like this :)
I simply bring the photo to Paint program, click *image* and
choose * flip/rotate*

I glued a very thin line on top of the regular paper,
stuck the parchment,let it dry and sent it to my Laser jet printer.
Parchment paper is very very slippery, it's important that you secure
all the top line of the parchment onto a regular paper
so that when it enters inside the printer,
it won't get lost & jam.
( even if it's jammed, it's slippery so it's easy to get it out, from my experience )
After done printing, remove the regular paper carefully.

Here I placed the parchment face down onto the washstand door.
It's very important you tape it down so it won't move around.
Also it's a good idea you measure the image beforehand and
mark where it should go.
That way,when you are ready to transfer the image,
you'll know exactly where to place it:)
( in the photo above,the paper stuck underneath on the right side is because I noticed some smudge there and I didn't want it to transfer to the door)

Start burnishing with your finger first.
( work small space at a time)
Then I wanted to use something heavy to burnish
so the image will transfer better.
I looked around....and found a crowbar. lol
I've never used it so I had no idea why a crowbar was in my work area,
 but hey, that was perfect!

Then I thought about warming the paper with a hair dryer,
it would transfer the ink better.

Stay and blow one spot about 5 seconds.
Then burnish with a crowbar.
( do not forget to place your fingers between the image,
even taped around, parchment still tends to move a little)

As you burnish,you'll see the image lifts.
See the FLEURS part on the right is less visible?
( means it was transferred onto the door)

Half way done.

All done.
At this point, my left hand was aching from holding down the paper.
( I'm right handed)
The image was almost all transferred but not so clearly.
But I liked the faded image so I decided to keep it.

I also added some stenciling to the washstand.

I'd also like to mention that when I did this transfer,
I was excited to show it to my daughter,who is an honest judge of my work.
After school she came home,saw the stand and said
"Yeah, it's pretty, but why didn't you just glue the paper on it?
It'd have been much easier!!"
Then I stopped and thought...."Hey, you're right....."
But I like how it turned out and I found this method of transfer,
so I'm happy overall :)

I feel transferred image is easier to smudge, so I sprayed poly over.
Then painted the hardware in white, hand waxed the stand,
and she's ready for the reveal:)


Yes...Paris....again :)'s very girly...

Distressed a little with a wet rug.

Pretty good storage inside.

She looks like she's wearing white

I'm happy she's pretty now!
Please DO let me know what you think...
Have a beautiful day everyone :)

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  1. That washstand turned out very, very cute. Great job!

  2. Turn out really cute, looks like you have a perfect spot for it, well done girl!

    1. Hi Anne!

      Thank you:)
      I moved it to my bedroom after I took photos though!
      It's safer than in the kitchen with very active boys :)

  3. It looks great! Thanks for the tutorial. I want to give this a try, I just need to find an image I want to transfer.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Heather!
      The tricky part is to print the image clearly onto the parchment.
      If you try it,please let me know how it went :)

  4. Very nice! Love the light blue and white and the curly designs and Paris on top.

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      I love everything blue and Paris:)

      Have a great week!!