Wednesday, 24 April 2013

~Duck Egg Blue Magazine Rack~

I don't know what has just happened,
but this post's content suddenly changed to my White Chic Coffee Table...
I was trying to link this post to a link party and suddenly it went
I must've clicked something.....argh.
( it's got nothing to do with a link party though,
I was editing my post,trying to add a button)

Anyways, there's no use crying over what happened so
here I go again with the quick version of it.

I finally bought ASCP and tried it.
And I'm lovin' it!!

I bought Duck Egg and painted this cutie with it.

Don't you love this shape? I do! :)

Painted, stenciled, waxed and....
Here's the finished product!!




I love how it distressed :)

In use

Have a great day everyone!!!


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Thank you, Deborah!!!

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Monday, 22 April 2013

White Chic Coffee Table

Hello everyone, I hope you are having wonderful spring!!!

I've done a lot of furniture makeovers but never done anything in white.
Can you believe it?

Refinished (and for me, distressed) white furniture has such a classic look
and I love them so much,
especially when I see all the lovely white furniture on the Internet
it always makes me want to grab a brush and start painting!!
However, I've always chosen colors other than white...I don't know why....

But this time, I finally did a makeover in white :)

It started out like this.

Good old sturdy coffee table which had seen better days.
To tell you the truth, I first decided to paint it in black with silver detailing.
.......and I hated it!!! It looked like a piece from the 80'
So I repainted white over and....I forgot to take any during photos so....

Here's the finished product :)

White color is Forget Me Not from General Paint
( I'm a member so I can have the paint 20% off, even if it's on sale)
and the grey is custom color.

I made both into my usual homemade chalk paint.
Before painting, I lightly sanded the entire piece to have a smooth surface.
I painted it, distressed it, then applied polyurethane on the flat surface
and hand waxed the entire table.

Stencils on top and the bottom


Distressed front,edges and corners :)
Here's a little bit of color,
it's Carribean Blue from FAT Paint.
I just bought the paint and had to try it!

Front door slides to sides for more storage.

I's a picture heavy post :)

This is the back,same look as the front.

My kids all like how this coffee table has turned out and say 
we should keep it in our living room :)
( It's always good to hear your own kids like what you do!)
But I like this coffee table and this one has broken chicken wire front
so I can't sell it ( it's only my excuse to keep it)....
I'm selling this one and hopefully someone will love it:)

Have a great week everybody!!!

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Twice Lovely~ Princess Chest~

This princess chest is one of my first projects I did back in 2011.

 *The beginning*

It was for my then-9year-old-daughter.
She picked the colors and I lovingly restored it
and she had been loving this chest ever since.



Now my daughter is 11 years old and she's more into cool colors.
Her favourite color is turquoise, not pink anymore...
So she decided she wanted me to paint another dresser ( in turquoise of course),
and let this one go :)

This had been used by a 9 year old, so I think it's only natural that
this chest had some nail polish spilled over and some candy stuck on it.
I decided to refinish her again, but this time,
I wanted to make her a little more grown up.

I decided to paint her top & front drawers white,
added some stencils on her,
and she is ready to be loved again :)

And the great thing is, she's already found a new home!!
Put it for sale today and she is on the way to her new home right now,
she'll live in the nursery with a baby girl who's due in June:)

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