Friday, 24 May 2013

5 Drawer Dresser ~another Caribbean Blue project~

It's been such a beautiful day today :)

The sky was blue and lots of sunshine filled my house...
And do you know what I did?
Instead of going outside to enjoy the beautiful day,
I stayed inside to finish my latest dresser!

But it was well worth it in the end...I think :)

This was how it all started...

 I painted the last dresser in Caribbean Blue by FAT Paint and I loved it so much,
when I saw this dresser at a store, I knew which color to use right away!
"Caribbean Blue, white trims, white washed gold hardware"
I could picture the finished project in my head at the store already.

So I got to work.
Sand.(very lightly)
Fill some dents.
Sand again.
Paint more.
Paint even more.
Paint hardwares.
Decoupage on top.
Liners inside.
Polyurethane on top.
Wax entire dresser.
(Oh, no distressing this time)

......and DONE :)
What do you think?
I think you can't go wrong with Caribbean Blue!!

This was the original liner,not so attractive...

Liners changed....better?

You know, every time I finish up a project, my work area is so....messy!!
I get too carried away on the project and don't really care to keep the area
clean and all...
So tomorrow, I'll do a good cleaning and...
.....start another project!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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  1. Love the drawer liner. Is it paper or did you paint?

    1. Hi Anne, thank you for your comment!!
      It's a self-adhesive liner and very easy to use,cut to the size and peel as you go:)

  2. It's spectacular Sayuri!!!
    What a gorgeous color

    1. Thank you Suzan,isn't the color beautiful? I'm in love with Caribbean Blue :)