Monday, 23 September 2013

French Blue Side Table

Bonjour tout le monde!!
Comment ca va?

 Today I'm in a mood for French,
well, I am ALWAYS when it comes to furntiure makeover!

Today's post is about this side table I just finished.

It started out like this

It's made by Gordon's, Johnson city,
It is heavy and as you can see, it's a good quality piece.
Those metal plaques on 4 corners are really nice,
that was the reason I bought this one.

This is how the top was.
It had a nice wood pattern but it looked so dated.
It looked like a piece belonged to a grand father in his library, holding a glass of whisky.
And I don't even drink much....
Anyways, it definitely needed a makeover.
So I sanded it and started painting :)

I heard a lot of people say that with chalk paint you don't need to prep the surface
and that was why I started making/using them but now I feel it adheres better if you prep first
 so I sanded good and primed with CIL's Natural Living.

The paints I used are Behr's Premiun Plus Ultra,
primer in one made into chalk paint.
The white is ASCP Old White.

I painted the table, added some stencils on top and the sides,
distressed a little, applied Poly on top and hand waxed the whole table.

Here's the completed product.

For the corner metal plaque,I used Martha Stewart multi surface metallic paint.

I love stripes, it dosen't look like a grand father's side table anymore :)

I'm really happy how it turned out :)

Thank you so much for visiting,
Have a great week!!!

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Perfectly Imperfect Dresser

Hello everyone!

It's been pretty hot last several days here in Vancouver suburb,
it's like we're still in the height of summer :)
Kids are at school and I was in the garage (of course the garage door was wide open!)
and I finished my "was worst in shape" dresser.

When I found it,it was thrown out on the curb upside down
with the drawers scattered around.
At the first glance,I liked the shape of it and the hardware was nice
 but I knew it'll be a lot of work to fix it.
I was looking at it because I was curious,
but I didn't think I wanted to bring it home.
(Un?) Fortunately all the drawers were there and I think I heard the dresser's scream
for help (Really!?) so I brought her home.

This picture was taken right after I started sanding the top
as you can see, it wasn't in the prettiest shape.

It was thrown out upside down certainly didn't help,look at the top :(

So many deep scratches....
Sure this dresser had seen better days....ages ago!

While staring at this poor thing,I started to feel like I was a rescue hero,
So I got to
Lots of lots of sanding, filling holes and smoothing them out.

One of the drawer bottom had a big hole so I replaced it too.

I painted this dresser with grey and white, distressed a little.

The top was in such a bad shape with deep scratches,it wasn't easy to make it really smooth,
because you can't sand too deep.
 I decided to go with weathered look.
When you can't have a perfectly smooth surface,
weathered look can somewhat hide the imperfections.
But in fact, often imperfections make a piece more special,don't you think?
Who's perfect anyways? :)

And here's my Perfectly imperfect reborn dresser.

It's still in the garage and I've got lots more furniture to work on,
I decided to keep the dresser there and move on ;)
So no staging this time....

 I enjoyed stencilling the drawer front so much when I did this lovely pink dresser,
so I did it again :)
What do you think???

Painted inside the drawers yellow.

Sprayed silver paint and glazed black hardware.

Oh yeah, and the top.

My version of weathered look.
I hope I did ok.

I applied Polyurethane on the top to have the durability as well as wax.
Entire dresser is hand waxed.
The top looks much darker in this picture, but it's much lighter in color in person.
It's more of the second up-close picture color.
I'm sure this dresser is happier than before :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Girl's bedroom Set

Summer vacation is (finally) over and kids are back at school,
I hope everyone's gone back to regular routine smoothly.

After we came back from Quebec,
I started working on a girl's bedroom set.
First I worked on this bed and learned that kids are usually not crazy about dark waxed furniture,
so this time, I used only clear wax to finish it.
I whipped up my usual homemade chalk paint in light pink strawberry cream color
and used ASCP Old White for the details.

Oh, here's the before:
( this is right after I painted the mirror)

Originally it was creamy white which was kind of nice but it was showing its age,
up-close it looked used and tired.
It definitely needed a makeover.
After sanding and much painting and waxing,
the dresser turned out like this.

On the top of the dresser says
"Avenue des Champ-Elysees"
with Fleur de lis design :)

And here's the entire set
I hope it'll go to a girl who'll love this set :)

Thank you for stopping by,
have a great day!!!

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