Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mirrored Top Old Scandinavian Side Table

I hope everyone is having a wonderful autumn :)
I can't believe tomorrow is already Halloween,
that means after that, Christmas comes and before we know it,
it'll be a new year...and we all get one year older

Anyways,if you follow my Facebook page then you probably know this,
that I had been waiting for my mirror oder to be ready for a while.
( if not please visit and "like" it :
I finally got my mirror order which I waited for almost a month
( it was supposed to be ready in a week) due to their bevel machine's braking down and
my first one had a scratch, so they had to make me a second mirror.
I went to pick it up today, came home, placed it on my side table, and Voila!!
It's done :)

But before that, I'll show you the *before* picture :)

It's made by Delicraft, solid wood, simple, straight forward design with tinted glass on top.
I wanted to keep the top but there were many scratches
so I decided to get a bevelled mirror.(hence the story above)

I sanded and primed the table,
filled the holes for the handle on the drawer because
I wanted to change it to a crystal knob :)
( so I didn't need 2 holes,just one in the middle)

When yo start a project, what comes to your mind?
Colours,designs,theme, finish....choices are endless.
I wanted to make this look like an old Scandinavian piece.
For me, that meant faded white base and subtle blue design.

I painted it first in black for undertone,
painted white again,then distressed to show the black under.
After that, I randomly placed stencils and started to make patterns.
( believe me, my left fingers got all blue from the stencilling)
Then I distressed the whole table again.

.............................Then I waited for the mirror to be ready for about a month!!!.......................

My husband made a hole on the drawer front for me,
I added a crystal knob.

FINALLY PLACED THE MIRROR on it and here is the finished product :)

 What do you think?

I enhanced the colour on this picture so that you can see the design better,
the real colour is more faded.

Modern ( mirror) meets Old World :)

Painted inside the drawer as well.

Not bad, if you compare it with "before"???

Have a fun & safe Halloween everyone!!!
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Louis Blue 2-tier side table

I've been working on French provincial style dining set for a while now.
It'll include dining table with a leaf, 4 chairs,
buffet & hutch and possibly a mirror (if I decided to include one).
I found this cute side table the other day and
I wanted to do this one for a change.

It was a 2-tier, French provincial style side table and
I'll (almost) never say no to this type of furniture.

 Love the curvy lines :)

As you can see, the finish was peeling
so I sanded it really good.

Then I primed it and painted in ASCP Louis Blue.
It's my favourite kind of blue, light and airy.
Enhanced the details in white and distressed the table.
On the sides, I added & sealed French Toile image with Mod Podge.
Hand waxed the entire table and it's done!!

Distressed for Shabby Chic look.

French toile makes this piece a little special :)

Hope you enjoyed my newest project....

Now,I'll go back to the dining set....or start a new project,
I bought a lovely desk the other day and am so excited about it!!
So maybe I'll start on that one.....

Have a happy wonderful week everyone,
thank you so much for stopping by!

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Teal & Silver Console Table

I hope you are having wonderful weekend :)
Here's another quick project I did....
It's a small console table, I love the shape of it.

Here's the before.

I stripped the top paint first.

Then I sanded the rest and primed the whole table.
When the table was dry, I did one coat each of a shade of grey and black
then heavily dry brushed teal over.
When that dried, I dry brushed again wiith silver.

I did stencilling on the top to give it a nice pattern :)

And here's how the table looks like right now.

To protect the top finish, I applied 3 coats of Polyurethane and
2coats of wax, it's really nice and shiny and I like how it turned out.

And today my son had a dentist appointment and we took a different way to get there.
While we were driving, I saw a yard sale and spotted nice buffet and the moment I saw it,
I knew it'll be  mine.It was priced reasonable too :)
So, it's sitting in my garage right now.
I wasn't looking to get any furniture today so it was a nice surprise!!
Can't wait to get my hands (or paints) on it :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

This console table is featured at The Dedicated House !!!
Thank you Kathryn!!! :)
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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Little Cutie ~ Pink Side Table~

Happy Tuesday!!!
How are you???
This time, is my record.
Of what? you ask???
The time I start a project til I finish it :)

I got this little cutie last Sunday and finished it today!
Today is Tuesday so that makes it only 3 days and I completed it!!
Woo hoo!!!
For me, sometimes it takes forever to decide on colours,
but this one I knew it at a store already that
she'll wear Antoinette Pink and Old White.

She started out like this.

Cute, isn't she?

I sanded good with my Dremel and primed.
Now I like to sand first and prime,
so that I know it'll have even better adhesion.

I painted her Antoinette and Old White.

These days, I'm into stripes!!!
They give a piece cuteness :)
And of course, I had to make her a French

And here's the result.

 On top : Paris

In the middle : Fluer de lis

The bottom: Marche de Pairs

I love the lines :)

Stripes :)

It's made by Kroehler

She's a little cutie for me :)

I have another side table coming up soon.
Painting and waxing part is all done,it'll have a mirrored top and
I just ordered the mirror. ( hope I didn't make mistake on measuring!)
The mirror will be ready in about a week, I can't wait to get it and
 place the mirror on top and see how it'll look like!!!

Have a great October everyone!!!

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