Thursday, 3 October 2013

Little Cutie ~ Pink Side Table~

Happy Tuesday!!!
How are you???
This time, is my record.
Of what? you ask???
The time I start a project til I finish it :)

I got this little cutie last Sunday and finished it today!
Today is Tuesday so that makes it only 3 days and I completed it!!
Woo hoo!!!
For me, sometimes it takes forever to decide on colours,
but this one I knew it at a store already that
she'll wear Antoinette Pink and Old White.

She started out like this.

Cute, isn't she?

I sanded good with my Dremel and primed.
Now I like to sand first and prime,
so that I know it'll have even better adhesion.

I painted her Antoinette and Old White.

These days, I'm into stripes!!!
They give a piece cuteness :)
And of course, I had to make her a French

And here's the result.

 On top : Paris

In the middle : Fluer de lis

The bottom: Marche de Pairs

I love the lines :)

Stripes :)

It's made by Kroehler

She's a little cutie for me :)

I have another side table coming up soon.
Painting and waxing part is all done,it'll have a mirrored top and
I just ordered the mirror. ( hope I didn't make mistake on measuring!)
The mirror will be ready in about a week, I can't wait to get it and
 place the mirror on top and see how it'll look like!!!

Have a great October everyone!!!

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