Friday, 29 November 2013

French Pub Style Dining Room Set

This is my last post for today and I'm all updated :)
We bought this dining set about 3 years ago, meaning to refinish one day...
It was a huge set with 7 chairs so instead of keeping it in the garage,
we brought it in our dining room( we didn't have our own either)
 and started using it and 3 years already have passed!
This dining set wasn't in my plan to do any time soon.
  My husband said he wanted to help me with my furniture refinishing.
You know, when I'm on my own I like to take it easy so
if I finish one small project in a week,I'm happy.
But he likes to work hard, do as much as he can during the day.
( he even skips lunch to get the job done!)
The other day he asked me if I needed his help to do this dining set.
I said " I don't feel like working on it right now".
He said " Do you want me to spray paint it?"
I thought about it....If I'm painting, it'll be hand painting.
( Spray painting is not my thing....)
If he spray paints, it'll be done much quicker......maybe....simply in black.
Yeah, let him do it then I don't need to! lol
So he started spray painting the set.
He's got an air compressor, a spray gun( but his didn't quite work so he bought a new one)
 and everything he needs and knows what to do.( he's a super handy man!)
He also sanded the table top so we could stain.
Then we brought them inside, stained, applied polyurethane and waxed the table top
and hand waxed everything else.
For the chairs, we reupholstered them with durable cute French script fabric.
He also installed an LED light inside the hutch.
Here are the completed project!!

(sorry no before pictures)

Man it's sooooooo hard to take good pictures!

I did a little stencilling for French taste :)

It was so much fun working with my hubby!!
I wish we can work on many more projects together :)

Have a great weekend!!


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  2. Nice looking dining room set. It a great idea to refinish old furniture and utilize it for next ten years. It is a way of recycling old things and save our resources.