Friday, 31 January 2014

Shabby Chic Romantic Girl's Vanity

I’ve just finished this vanity and I’m really happy how it turned out.
It’s shabby chic, girly and romantic.....
It’s a small vanity for a little girl, if not, I would keep it for myself!
This is how it started out.

I liked the shape of the bottom but not the sides of the mirror part.
(There was no mirror )
The sides looked like  huge ears to me! lol
I thought about painting and doing some cute pattern on them then add hooks so
you can hang earrings( since they already look like ears... lol), necklaces and so on.....
But I still couldn’t see pass through the image of huge ears stuck to the mirror,
 so I decided not to use them.
Hopefully I’ll find some use for these huge ears one day!
 Simpler and better, isn't it?
( I was trying some furniture applique)
Anyways, from the beginning I knew it’ll be pink. ( ASCP Antoinette)
All the original handles were broken so I replaced them with crystal knobs.
On the top of the vanity I did cute ribbon stencilling ( I bought this stencil a long time ago and was eager to use it one day) with Old White and it started to look really romantic, I was happy :)
Then I decided to do Mod Podge transfer on the bottom drawers.
I found these lovely flower images at the wonderful The Graphics Fairly.
I really like these vintage flower images, so cute....
Best matches for crystal knobs, don't you think???
I reversed the images and printed them out  and applied Mod Podge on them.
Now I have to confess.....almost all my life, when I use glue,
I’ve always put it on the back of a paper, always.
But Mod Podge transfer, you have to put glue on the image, not the back....and believe me,
 this is not something you're used to.
I did the first one and stuck it onto the drawer.
Then I moved onto the second one.
I guess I wasn’t really thinking, I put Mod Podge on the back and
 realised it was the wrong side for this project!!!
'”Oh no, I have to print it out again!” I said to myself and went upstairs, printed one out,
came back down to my workroom.
I grabbed a brush and put Mod Podge......... on the back again!!!
Oh ****!! ( I think I cursed this time) Not again!!
I went back  upstairs and printed it again, this time I was very careful
so I didn't make a mistake...phew!
Yes, it’s very tricky NOT to put glue on the back like you usually do
 if you’re not careful
This time I wanted to take pictures so that I can show you the progress.
I took one but then I was too into the project to remember to take any pictures.....sorry!
You get the idea....
Glue the image on the good side down and wet it, rub it till you reveal the image.
When I was done rubbing the paper fibre away, I applied Poly for extra protection as well as wax.
I painted the ear less mirror
(which my husband measured the size, placed an order, paid for it,
 picked it up and brought home to me,sweet man!) with Old White.
Here’s the reborn vanity!
 Cute, isn't it? : )

Since it's for a little girl, I wanted to have some fun!
I added cute vintage animal images inside the drawers :)
a birdie....
a donkey....
And this one is my favourite, a kittie.
I just love the expression on her face.
 I hope a little girl would be thrilled to open these drawers!
I'll show you the result of Mod Podge transfer again.

 I love it :)
Have a great weekend!!!

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Shabby Chic Duck Egg Blue Sideboard

A while ago my son had a dentist appointment.
My husband was driving and made a mistake and took a different way to get there.
Usually he knows his way and this doesn't happen often.
It felt funny like we were on a little adventure, taking the road that we've never taken before.
Then, I spotted this nice sideboard/buffet in someone's front yard.
They were having a garage sale.
It was a quick glance and we passed the house because we had to bring our son to the dentist.
I was so anxious to go back, hoping it'd still be there.
So we dropped off our son and headed to the garage sale.
There it was, all in wood, in decent shape ( except for the midde part of its back was missing).
It was priced very reasonable too.
So that moment I knew this sideboard was calling me and made my husband take a different way!
Otherwise,I wouldn't have seen it.
Thank you God, I know it was your doing!! 

So we brought this sideboard home ( along with our

sorry for the poor picture....but nice, isn't it?
Except it was all painted in yucky brown and the hardware wasn't quite working.
It looked too busy.

Also it had those numbers on the drawer's sides.
Since all the drawers are in different sizes, there was  no point having  numbers.
I had to do something about it....(more about it later)
I painted this sideboard in ASCP Duck Egg Blue ( I love that color!) and Old White.
Did some stencilling on the front and added stripes on the bottom and the side.
Then distressed for a shabby chic look.
Hand waxed the entire buffet and it looks like this now!
What do you think???


 Stripes add a fun touch :)
Did you notice already that I love Paris?
Oh, what happened to those numbers?
They're gone!
.....under these cute images :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day :)

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Leon Chandon Dresser

Happy 2014!!
This is my first post of the year.
I hope I will be able to do lots of furniture makeover this year.
More I refinish a piece, more I love doing it, so hopefully I can get better at it every time :)
My first project of the year was this antique dresser that my husband had found for me.
This is the before.
100% solid wood with great bones.
But it was scratched up a lot and some knobs were missing and all the drawer bottoms were loose.
It definitely needed a makeover.
My husband is great :)
He sometimes finds a good piece like this and
 even sands it for me, yep,I think I'm a lucky girl!
Sorry for a poor picture....
Then it was time for me to do the fun part, painting!!
I used Behr primer in one paint and ASCP Old White.
At this point, I thought I wanted to add some graphics to each drawers.
I did stenciling and Mod Podge transfer.
Hand waxed the dresser, added new silver spray painted knobs.
I also added sheet music on the drawers.
Here's the AFTER!
This was my first time doing Mod Podge transfer, I think it went well and I love the result!!
See how pretty the transferred image is???
In case you are not familiar with this method....
***Mod Podge image transfer***
Print out your choice of image with laser printer.
(I'm not sure if it works with inkjet because I only have laser printer but I don't see why not)
Be sure to REVERSE the image if there're any words on it.
Apply Mod Podge liberally on the printed side (not on the back)
and place it where you want the image to be, making sure there are no air bubbles left underneath.
Now, wait.
Let it dry completely,preferably overnight.
( or you can speed up the process by using a hair dryer)
Once it's dry, using a wet sponge or rug,
soak the image until it's wet.(do partially)
Now, using the tip of your fingers in very gentle circular motion,
try to rub the paper.
(sorry I didn't take any during pictures......)
You'll see the fiber of the paper breaks and starts to lift off.
Wet the image and repeat the process as you clean the fiber until you reveal the whole image.
Let it dry.
Then you'll see the image will go back to look white again.
(it's because the fiber on the paper becomes dry)
Wet it again and repeat the process until it doesn't become white when dry.
Apply a sealer of your choice ( mine is poly and wax) and done!

Now I'm working on a girl's vanity which will be ready very soon!

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Thank you Deborah!!! 
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