Friday, 28 February 2014

Graphite Desk

I love old,vintage desks.
There's something about them always attract me,the shapes, the lines....
I've done one for my daughter, my son, and not so long ago I finished 2 more,
and this one is my latest.

The moment I saw it, I knew it was coming home with me!
This is before....very handsome lines, don't you think???
Some of the moldings on the drawer front were off and bottom drawers were too tight,
 but that didn't stop me from getting it.
I simply pained it with Graphite and Old White.
The drawer guide for the left bottom drawer was broken, so I changed it and I glued the missing moldings, filled some holes,sanded and applied Polyurethane on the top.
I also added French script papers in the bottom drawers.
Entire desk was hand waxed to seal in the smooth finish.
Here's the finished product.


(sorry for poor quality pictures....I did my best...)

I just like those clean, simple, straight lines.


 I think this French script papers look perfect for this desk.

It goes all around, the back is painted as well so it can be free standing :)

The right is original, the left one is the one being replaced.
I didn't stain the bare part of the side, but I will to match the rest of the wood.

Lightly distressed for a vintage look.
Now this desk is classic looking, I like it but.....
I might add some nice design on top to make it more like one of a kind.
If I do, I'll share that too when it's done :)
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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shabby Chic Paris Grey Vintage Desk

Are you enjoying the Olympics? I do!
Every time I watch them compete, I get so impressed.
We all know they are the top athletes in the world and they are,of course, great with what they do!!
What impresses me is that I can see & feel they overcome their pressure and fear, just get out there and do their best. So inspiring!!!
Anyways I'm not a sport girl, so you won't see me compete in anything,
 but I do love what I do- which is to grab my paint brush and do my best :)
I just finished this desk and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
 Actually I've done the exact same type of desk before with ASCP Duck Egg Blue & Old White.
I really loved that desk and was hoping to find a similar one again.
........and I did!
This is before. (for the Duck Egg Desk but it's the same kind anyways..)
And this is the after of  Paris Grey & Old white.
A little bit of fun inside :)
This crackle happened naturally! Isn't it cool??
Oh I'll show you the Duck Egg one I did a while ago as well :)
See? Exactly the same but different looks :)
If there's another one,I don't mind getting a third one for sure!!
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