Thursday, 28 June 2012

Gray, white and silver dresser

This is how I feel often towards my kids & husband but I don't say it aloud.
(It's my daughter's)

Anyway, I found this dresser at a thrift store.
It's not too big, not too small but can hold lots of stuff, a good sized dresser.

I've been in the mood for gray ( and blue) for a while now, especially the combination of *grey+white+metallic silver (for the hardware)*
For me, this combo works just great.
So that's what I did,cleaned up first, sanded lightly where it had uneven surface,
 painted in gray and painted the trims white and distressed a little.

Then I felt it was not quite done yet.
So I added glaze.

Wiped it off....

Do you see the difference?
( ok, the first drawer is not the same as 2nd & 3rd, if you noticed)

The top drawer is not glazed and bottom drawer is glazed.
It gives more character I think.
Then I painted the hardware in metallic silver, I use the spary paint from Rustoleum.
The quality, colour and finish is beautiful and it's my favorite.

Added the sprayed hardwares and...

Ta-da!! :)

What do you think?
I think it turned out pretty, if I'm wrong please look at rule 1. lol

Well I'm off to paint a child's desk.
Have a great weekend everyone :)

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  1. That didn't turn out pretty....It's beautiful! I love the combination of the colours you chose.

    1. Thank you Cynthia,I love this color combination, I painted my old bedroom set with this colour, at night they look so calm and soothing I just love it :)

  2. The ditressing and the hardware make all the details pop!

    1. Sharon, thank you for your comment.
      The shape of the drawer front shows much better than before:)

  3. First--love the sign! Made me howl! The dresser is unbelievable--so gorgeous. I'm envious of your talent. I have a whole storage unit filled with stuff I inherited but know I will screw up trying to get good results. Did you hand paint the white trim? -- steady hand!

    1. Hi Linda, thank you for your comment.
      Haha,made you howl?That made me smile:)
      You've got whole storage unit full of...old furniture??
      Venture yourself and have fun!
      You never know what kind of talent you have till you actually do it:D

      Yes, I handpainted the trim,if you tell your hand to be steady, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but...that's how I do it,lol

  4. Sayuri, This dresser turned out GREAT. I love the colors. I haven't visited ya in awhile, so thought I'd come over and see what you've been up to.


    1. Candy, thank you for your comments!At the beginning, this dresser was supposed to be my husband's, but if I put my hands on stuff, everything tunrs out girly,haha.

  5. Hey Sayuri...just stopped by to let you know that I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award. It's for up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Congrats ~ Judy

    1. Hi Judy, wow thank you so much for this, I've read about this award somewhere before but I've never thought it'd come to my way!
      I really appreciate it:)

  6. Looks beautiful Sayuri! Now following you as well. :)

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for your comment & following me, I'm looking forward to your new projects :)

  7. wow! that is incredible!! looks great!!!

    1. Thank you so much Annmarie!! I'm so happy to hear your comment:)