Tuesday, 4 December 2012

MMS Milk Paint Tricycle Side Table

I finally got Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint from Creekside Abbotsford.
I bought Tricycle and Shutter Grey, along with bonding agent and antique wax.

I often shy away from vibrant colours,
because I'm more comfortable with soft tones.
But this Tricycle colour is such beautiful red, I had to try it.
Also this was my first time working with milk paint.

First, I mixed it with warm water.
( 1 part paint & 1 1/4 part warm water )
I used 1/4 cup of Tricycle for this side table and
it was just the amount needed in the end:)

I mixed it really really good with sticks..

Mixing part was the hardest for me,
probably because I used a shallow cup and 2 sticks to mix,
I splashed some mix on the sheet.
Then I used a whisk to mix and it went much easier:)
I didn't add bonding agent because I wanted to have a chippy look,
I heard the way milk paint chips is really unpredictable
and I was curious how it'd react to my table.

 I found this side table at a thrift store.

I painted grey first then black for under colours.

Then the first coat of Tricycle, it went on really smooth.
I still had a little bit of lumps from the powder but just used my fingers to smooth it out.

After the 2nd coat it was still showing lots of black
I felt it needed one more coat so I did 3 coats altogether.

I was hoping it'll chip but it didn't.
All it did was this much and after I sanded, it was all gone...

...and here is the finished table.

I distressed the table with a 220 grit sand paper.
Milk paint distresses so easily and beautifully.
I just loved how it shows the black
( and some white and grey as well) underneath.

I added some vintage papers to the top and the bottom shelf,
using Mod Podge.
Then aged around the papers a little with strong brewed coffee
finishing with MMS's antiquing wax.

Inside the drawer, I added this cute Eiffel tower picture.

Isn't it adorable?

I really like this aged look Milk Paint creates:)

I've been loving my homemade chalk paint and
 now I've found my new favorite paint:)
I have Shutter Grey as well,
What am I goint to paint with it...just thinking is much fun too!

Have a wonderful December everyone:)

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  1. SO cute! i love what you did with the paper, too! it looks awesome! i want to try that color- it's a lovely red!

    1. Hi Cassie!

      Thank you so much for your comment,
      Yes, Tricycle is really pretty colour and I love it,you should definitely try it :)

  2. Beautiful Job Sayuri!!! Have a Wonderful Holiday!!! Toni

  3. Hi Toni!!

    It's so nice to hear from you, how are ya?
    Thank you for your nice words, you too, Have a great holiday season!!!:)

  4. so festive and french!

    hope you'll have a moment to stop by, and i'm hosting a giveaway as well today:

    peace to you.


    1. Thank you Michele!!

      Peace and lots of happiness to you:)

  5. Such a pretty piece. I love how you transformed it. I loved red and the blingy knob is perfect.

    1. Thank you, Linda!

      Me too, love blingy things!! lol

  6. Oh man...this is wonderful! Very festive, too! I want to try this. I'm just always afraid to paint over wood... Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Hula-la,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I always get excited when I see bare wood...makes me want to grab a paint brush and start painting!!lol
      Please do try and I hope you'll love painting too!

  7. Oh this turned out so darn cute!!! I love the colors and the little French accents. Thanks for sharing at my party! I am featuring it tomorrow. -K

    1. Wow, thank you so much!! Can't wait for tomorrow..lol

      I tried to follow your blog once but something went wrong and I couldn't....so I often miss your party but I'm so glad I didn't this time!!

  8. I've been wanting to try MMS Milk Paint! Your table looks great! I'm not usually a vibrant color person either, but I love the red! Thanks for your comments and support of my blog! Have a great holiday season!

    1. Hi Rachelle,

      Thank you for your comment:)
      Milk paint is great, I just love the finished surface,it's gorgeous!!
      You are very welcome, I love what you do,you are so talented!!

      Have a wonderful holiday season, Rachelle!!