Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sheet Music Night Stands

Hello friends!!
I hope you had a wonderful halloween last night.
Here in BC, unfortunately it rained but we managed to go out and got lots of candies:)

This is my son right before heading out for trick or treat.
He made the head himself but do you know what this is?
It's a robot from LMFAO but many people thought it was Sponge Bob!! lol

OK, back to furniture...Yesterday I finished these night stands.

We had 2 stands from a friend when he moved to Montreal a while ago.
I forgot to take a before picture....
The drawer front had a green panel insert, the rest was pretty much looked like this wood.
My son wanted to painted it black and he did it, but after the first coat,
he decided painting was not his thing,lol
( he painted the other one)
So it became my next project.

I painted in light blue and distressed a little.

 Added wall papers on the drawer front.

I like the little gold showing through on the handles :)

They are Palliser night tables and the sticker inside says 99.
So it was probably made in that year...

They are good quality night tables and in good condition but
the tops were not really smooth and had some ring marks.
I tried to sand it but they never disappered
so I decided to add some sheet music to cover it.
I love them because they give a piece whimsical feel :)

Here are the finished products:)

Sheet music was glued and sealed with Mod Podge. 

I think they turned out pretty good.

I'm almost done with a dresser so hopefully I can share that with you soon.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone:)

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  1. These are so adorable - I love the color and sheet music always speaks to me.... Love them....

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you :)
      Yes, I love the sheet music too, they *sing* to

  2. Very nice Sayuri, as always lovely work,
    Hugs, Anne

    1. Hi Anne!
      Thank you so much!!
      Your sweet comments always make me feel so happy:)


  3. Sayuri, I love the sheet music on the tops of your night stands. I actually just did the same thing on a small 50's coffee table.

    1. Hi Candy, how are ya?
      Thank you for stopping by!!
      We all love sheet music, don't we?
      I'll head on over to see your table!!


  4. Gorgeous nightstands, Sayuri! And your son's Halloween costume is so creative. Looks awesome. So nice to meet a fellow BC-er. Thanks for saying hi on my ledger freebie post. Now to spend the morning dreaming of how I could fix up my furniture. :-)

    1. Hi Mel, thank you for stopping by:)
      I love your ledger papers,I downloaded some and printed them out already....I'm thinking what to do with it:)
      Good luck with your furniture and hope to see the end result soon!


  5. Hi Sayuri,

    It's obvious you take alot of pride in your work!!! I have a couple of oval side tables, the not-so-pretty top of which I intend to embellish (cover up) with wallpaper. I'm not sure what type of 'glue' to use. Or should I use wallpaper paste? HELP!!!

    Cheers, Shelly

    1. Hi Shelly,

      Thank you so much for your nice comment!!

      For the type of glue, I'd recommend Mod Podge.
      It's easy to work with ( not so sticky like regular glue) and it's also can be used as a sealer:)
      Personally I'm happy with Mod Podge so I've never used wallpaper paste so I can't say which is better.....
      If you've never usued Mod Podge, it's sold at Wal-Mart or any kind of craft store like Michael's.....(around $6~10,depend on the size)

      Good luck with the side table and please let me know when it's done,I'd love to see it:)


  6. さゆりちゃんのブログ人気だね~。カナディアンのファンがいっぱいだ!がんばれー!(^^)

    1. 誰か分からないけどありがとう!!(笑)