Monday, 24 October 2011

Little blue shelves

This little shelves was actually made by my husband :)
He built it at WCB in part of physio/rehabilitation program, when he broke his left hand fingers on the job 15years ago.

Since then, it had just sat quietly next to a computer desk,
holding a fax machine unnoticed for...well,15years!!
It had a water mark or something on top, some sticky spots from stickers that kids had put on....
no one cared...sob...
One day, I was sitting at the computer desk and just looked at it.
Suddenly I felt like fixing it making pretty.
It's  small, sure I can handle it.

I sanded the entire surface lightly then put primer on, and dry-brushed blue over it.
So the white from primer still can show.
I also distressed it using 80-grit sand paper.

Then I grabbed a rug which I used to stain the top of my daughter's study desk
and rubbed the surface to make it look a little aged.
I know it's a weird way (but certainly cheap way!) to do it.
I didn't have dark wax at that moment and I just couldn't wait to finish this, so I went ahead...
I know I'm weird & impatient,but I'd like to call myself *flexible*. lol

I glued some decorative papers on the shelves using Mod Podge.
It was my first time to use it and I loved it!
It's easy to use, non-toxic, dries clear pretty quickly.

I also sealed the paper top with Mod podge.
I love Mod Podge!

Now it looks like this, much better don't you think??

Thank you so much for stopping by :)
Have a wonderful week!


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  1. i can't get enough blue or grey these day! great job.

    visiting via truesday's treasures and want to share thislink to my giveaway just in case you're a lover of shabby chic like me:



  2. Thank you Michele,

    Me too, I love blue and grey furniture and I just painted a small dresser grey!

    Thanks for the link but I guess it's open to US residents only right?
    Anyway I love shabby chic, noticve the book I have in the shelf?

    Take care Michele,