Tuesday, 20 August 2013

No dark wax wanted girl's bed

My daughter had been using this poster bed for a few years now
but she's grown out of it and wanted to have a loft bed,
So my project for this time was of course, her bed :)

This is before
Head board

Foot board ( upside down)

I didn't take any photos of this bed before I disassembled it...sorry!

I painted it in pink & white.
Then I did something I shouldn't have done!
( or I'm still not sure but I was told that I shouldn't have done that by 3 little people)
What did I do, you ask?
I antiqued it using dark wax......
I finished painting then applied clear wax, then I thought to make it look like
an English antique bed ( or that was what  I aimed for)....
When I was done with dark wax, I was pretty pleased with the result.

Maybe it doesn't look so good in the photo, but in real it looked great (or so I thought)
Then I thought of asking my daughter's opinion,
because hopefully it'll be used by a girl when it's done.
She had a friend over that day so when they came into the room, I asked them,
" Hey, what do you guys think about this bed? Do you like it?
I used dark wax to make it look aged, what do you think?"
My daughter looked at it and said right away
" Mom! Why did you DO that? No girl would want to sleep in the bed that looks dirty!"
I asked her friend and she agreed with my daughter.
Then my son was passing by the room so I called him in and asked him too.
He said no as well!!
For them, this bed is just plain dirty, it's not "aged" or " antiqued" like what we like to call....lol
I showed them the foot board which wasn't dark waxed yet and they all loved it.
OK, no dark wax then!
So I started to sand the head board to get rid of the dark wax and repainted it.
It wasn't fun at all to redo it since I really loved the result.

Anyways, here's the no dark wax bed :)

Please let me know your opinion, which is better?
No dark wax? or Yes dark wax?

I'd have loved to set this bed up with all shabby chic white,ruffle bedding
                                                 but I don't have any :(
           So I went to my daughter's room and got some stuff which could work on this bed,
                         but she's into cool things now so not too many girlie stuff...
                          Anyway, you can imagin how it'll look like this bed's future :)

Would be lovely to pump this bed up with many cute cushions!!

I also have a matching dresser with mirror.
Here's my question:
Should I paint it in pink or white???
If the bed and the dresser are both pink, I feel it'd be too much....
I'll have to decide and get back to work!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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  1. Dark wax !!!!
    I'd paint the dresser white - with maybe a little bit of pink ( handles? )
    to tie it in
    The bed turned out gorgeous!

    1. I know!!! Me too, YAY!! to dark wax!!!:)
      But kids don't like them and I can understand why.
      Maybe the way I do it is not good enough so looks like dirty? hahaha....
      Thank you Suzan for your opinion, I'm leaning to white on dresser too.

  2. Hi Sayuri! The bed is beautiful! I love it both ways but as you know I do love dark wax! I would do the dresser two tone with your pink and white. Love your work and sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Hugs, Anne

    1. Hi Anne,thank you!!
      I know you love dark wax and I love what you can do with it,you make everything incredibly gorgeous!!!
      Actually I opted for dark wax this time because I remembered how beautiful your girl's pink bedroom set was finished with dark wax.Well, I couldn't bring out the magic...
      I decided to paint the dresser like you said, 2 tone, mainly pink with white detailing.
      Yes I had a wonderful vacation,I hope you are having a great summer too!!

  3. The bed turned out lovely. The antiquing was beautiful, but I can see where kids would not like it. I think white on the dresser would be great. You can add pink accents with knobs, lamp etc. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays!

    1. Thank you Deborah!
      Yes me too, I can see why kids don't like them.....I asked my son again showing the photo of antiqued head board and he said " Because it looks old, it looks like from 1963!" well, that makes this bed 50 years old! lol

  4. I think I'd go with SuzyQ's suggestion. But, I have to say I loved it with the dark wax and without. I would love it for my 4 year-old grandgirl if I were close enuf to pick it up.

  5. That's the thing about dark wax, you either love it or you hate! I think men and kids have a harder time getting it!