Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blue & Silver Table

I found this baby at a thrift shop, dated, dirty and sad, but she had a big storing place inside.

It also had a hole in the back. It looks small in the picture but it was about 2 inches in width.
 I bought it anyway because I loved the design on the front.

I brought this home (it's my husband did the carrying )
sanded with my electrical sander (well, it was my husband's but he gave it to me, cool to have a handy hubby with all the tools!!) and hand-sanded all the details.
Then filled that hole with my trusted wood filler.
Also, one of the corner was kinda missing, looked like something gnawed on it, mice? Ewwwwwww!
Again, I used the wood filler to create a corner.
It smelled funny a little so I gave it a good cleaning too.

Rough up the surface so the primer can adhere well.

....and put the primer on.

you can't really see there used to be a hole now, can you?

Now the question is which colour should I go for?
White? Black? Yellow? Grey? Hmmmmmm.
I decided on icy blue  because.....I've already had the color right here with me :)
But it needed more bling, something that can make it a little more special.
So I grabbed an artist's brush and painted metalic silver on the front and dry-brushed the same silver all over the table.
I always try to make old, dated furniture a little more special, to give it a soul kinda thing if you know what I mean....

Now this is my kinda furniture!

                                                Now she's looking pretty :)

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