Thursday, 22 September 2011

Princess Chest

First off, I love love love French Provincial furniture.
The design....the curves....they are just my kinda girls!

When I saw this at a thrift store, I knew something had to be done!

One of the drawers was broken.
 Rreconstructing is not my speciality, so this poor dresser was used as is by my daughter for so long...
um...excuse her mess on top!

I knew I can't look the other way everytime I go into her room, so one day, I finally gathered my courage and started working on it.

With this stripper, I removed the white paint.

At this point, it's fun to scrape all the paint...
...even though you know the-big- messy-cleaning-up is coming up next :(

and look!!
Gold lining underneath started to show through.
It's fun to know how it looked like before.

It took me all one afternoon to clean it up. Boy was I so tired.

The decorative part of the legs was made of wierd plastic or something and as I applied the stripper, it started to melt........Aaarrgghhhhhhhh!!!

 After panicking a little while, I grabbed again my beloved wood filler and smooth the legs out.....

OK, looks not bad now ;)

Then, it's fun time! Painting time that is.
From the beginning, I had a vision for it.
Pretty pink and white knobs.Yes.That'd look super cute!!
But first, I had to ask my client (daughter )cuz it'll be in her room.
She has to LOVE it.
She came to the shed and look at my (small) paint collection and she picked the different pink with a little purple tinge to it.
Also, she wanted to have silver line and (fake) diamond piceces ALL OVER the chest.

I did the demo.
I love to do demos, it gives me something really look forward to in the end :D
And it looked so pretty!
Then my daughter say: I told you so!!
OK, you were right, sweetie.

After so much struggle with the silver lines, I finally finished it.
Oh, I forgot to take any pictures of the broken drawer redo.
I glued a piece of wood , filled the gap with wood filler,sanded,
then you can't really tell which one was broken. Done.

What do you think?

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  1. I have the exact dresser. Well I have a six drawer, a three drawer and a night table. I would love to start painting furniture but I'm so afraid of making a mistake. Especially on beautiful peaces like this. I have to paint my daughters night table that pink you have. Do you know what the name of the color is? I looked through your pictures and you do an amazing job on all the furniture.