Thursday, 8 March 2012

Starwberry Cream Nightstands

A good friend of mine gave me these lovely nightstands.
They were a bit tired but had a nice shape, definitely an old charm to it.

They are a bit smaller than the standard size night tables, so I decided to refinish them for a little girl.

It wasn't noticable before but when I primed them, there were some gaps showed between the wood so I filled them with wood filler and put 3coats of primer until I was satisfied with the surface.

Then I painted the same colour as the Union Jack table and a chair,
my custom made colour " strawberry cream ".
I decided to add cute papers on the shelves because I wanted to make them "super cute"!

These top papers are from Michael's and bottom papers were my daughter's, it was one of the scrapbook kit I gave her as a Christmas present, oops, I mean,  Santa Clause gave her.
She is 10 and VERY suspicious that Santa Clause is indeed her PARENTS,
and I kind of confirmed that when I said "Can I have that pink polka dot papers in the scrapbook kit that I gave you?"
She was " A-ha! I KNEW it was from you! I KNEW there was No Santa Clause!...Yep, OK you can have them."
I guess you must keep a track of what is from you and what is from Santa Clause.
So I told her that Santa Clause exists only for those who believe in him, I do!

Anyway, here are more pictures of the nightstands.
I glued and seald the papers with Mod Podge and waxed the eintire surface.
Also cute pink ribbon was added in the shelves, making them even girlier.

They'd make a cute bedroom set for a little girl, dont' you think??
They feel smooth and look delicious :)

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    1. Hi Sandy, thank you for your comment:)

  2. Night standのなかのピンクは紙?それとも布? 両サイドのステッチが入ってるのはテープ??なに?(興味深々)

    1. ともちゃん、これは紙だよ~!Michael'sの。
      Mod Podgeっていう、とってもいい糊があって、それで貼って上からも塗ってあるの。